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My name is Will Newton and I’d like to welcome you to the Limitless Fitness website.

I did my first triathlon in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in the late 1980’s and coached my first triathletes in 1998. Since then I have coached numerous swimmers, cyclists, runners, adventure racers and triathletes to success in a large range of events around the world. All of these athletes had different goals, defined success in different ways and had different areas of strength and weakness.

However they shared one thing in common: Every one of them did their sport because they loved it. Their sport was something they wanted to do, but which had to share life-space with their family, job, friends and a host of priorities, all of which demanded for their time to one degree or another.

In the triathlon world, such people are called “age-groupers” and they’re the only reason that triathlon still exists as a sport. They’re also the reason that the massive equipment, supplement and clothing industry based on triathlon exists. They’re the reason that professional athletes have sponsorship deals and prize money.

[Apologies to all those from other sports where the "age-group" term is not used, but for want of a better one, I’m using this term to refer to all the world’s amateur athletes.]

As you’re reading this, I suspect that you’re one of these amazing people. I really mean that, you’re amazing. I know how tough it is to balance all those things and still perform as an athlete, because I am one of those people too.

Working as a coach, I quickly came to realise that most of what passes for coaching offered to age-group athletes is simply a watered down version of what the professional athletes are doing.
Much of the advice and advertising aimed at us doesn’t actually have our long-term wellbeing at heart, rather it is simply a way to extract more money from us.

We’re different to professional athletes in numerous ways. Most obviously, we have to balance our training time with our jobs. However we also spend more time sitting at a desk or in a car. Often we have to share training space with people of massively different ability, many of whom we don’t know and who don’t care about what we’re trying to achieve.

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The coaching programme I ran for a few years taught me that the standard model really doesn’t work for most of us. I needed to change the game.

Because of this, I started this site. It exists to share all the stuff I have learned over the past 25 years about being an athlete with competing priorities.

I don’t coach professional athletes and I don’t have any desire to do so. However I do know that I am very good at helping age-group athletes like you to achieve their goals.

I use knowledge gained from other sports as diverse as rugby, powerlifting, tennis and cricket as well as my training as a strength and conditioning coach, sports therapist and coach educator to find those things that get the best results for people with limited time.

Every year I spend a small fortune on continuing professional development, reading books and attending workshops with world leaders in all kinds of fields related to sport, fitness and neuroscience. I hold coaching qualifications from British Cycling, the Amateur Swimming Association, British Triathlon, UK Athletics, the RFU and a few others. I also hold numerous strength and conditioning and fitness certifications, among them Strongfirst and Functional Movement Systems.

On this site you get the benefit of my obsessive reading and learning habit. I don’t just accept what I encounter, but I compulsively question the accepted way of doing things (if you’ve read more than one blog post, you’ll have seen that). I know that some of my stuff may seem weird at times, but then so was the idea that man could fly until the Wright brothers did so in 1903!

I will seek to support you in the way that you would like to be supported. I will support you to the level that you want support. I will challenge you to re-assess what you already do.

Will you join me on this exciting journey? I certainly hope so.