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It’s Not Just About Today’s Workout!

I receive a lot of email newsletters from all over the world. I subscribe to them because I like reading and I believe in learning. In fact, the amount of money I have spent on education over the years would probably buy me a small house.

The fastest way however, to encourage me to delete an email or even unsubscribe from the list, is a subject line or first few lines that say something like “3 Killer workouts”, “This workout will get you pumped” or something similar.

This is what I call the bootcamp approach to fitness. I am not a fan and neither should you. Here's why...

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New Perspectives on Endurance Coaching and Training

I'm passionate about changing the face of coaching and training age group athletes in the field of endurance sport. Whether you're a cyclist, a runner, a triathlete, an adventure racer or an athlete in any endeavour that might be defined as an endurance sport and you compete as an age-group or amateur athlete, I'm here to help you get the most benefit from your training while maintaining all the other stuff you value in your life.

Just in case there are those out there who don't know: What is an age-group athlete?

In my world, an age-group athlete is defined as someone who competes in their sport for the love of it. You don't get paid much if anything if you win. Any sponsorships you have are largely based on someone giving you some kit or a discount on kit in exchange for you promoting them somehow. You have a job, a family, a mortgage and a bunch of outside interests that compete for your attention.

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