Finally, Break The Illness and Injury Cycle That is Holding Back Your Sports Performance!

Watch the video below to discover how you can build health habits that will break you out of the "Athletes are fit but not healthy" rut and get you the results that your hard work deserves:

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  • Discover a proven system for building and maintaining health that will support your long-term athletic performance.
  • Build a nutrition plan that guarantees you will lose excess body fat and build muscle so that you look and perform better.
  • Find out what exercise you should have in your programme as a minimum in order to stay healthy, even when you're not training for your sport.

I'm Will Newton,

The Founder of Limitless Fitness Athlete Education

I know what it's like to chase performance. And I know the frustration of having illness & injury derail your efforts, seemingly at every turn!

Not only have I experienced this myself, but I've had hundreds of athletes approach me for help because they've experienced the same thing, over & over again.

So, I developed a solution: A habit-based approach to maintaining health and basic fitness that means that even if you step away from your sport, you'll return in better shape than most of the people who keep training.

The key is to build genuine health.

Are You Sick and Tired of Illness & Injury Derailing Your Training?

Stupid question. Of course you are!

Nobody wants to go after their goals, only to have their body let them down.

When I speak to athletes, we usually get around to why they started sport in the first place.

Everybody has a slightly different answer, but the vast majority come down to this: "I wanted to lose weight, I wanted to look better naked or I had a health scare and my doctor told me I needed to do some exercise. This sport felt like it would be a great way to do it without just running on a treadmill."

But the story goes on from there. Most of us have forgotten why we started.

We've got tied up in the world of performance. It's a world where going faster or lifting more by almost any means is the goal. It's a world of better equipment, more "ergogenic" supplements, more data and looking for that extra bit of workout time.

Sadly, this pursuit of performance means that so many of us have simply accepted injury and illness as "the cost of doing business". It's rare to find a long term athlete who doesn't have a long-term injury or some kind of recurring illness.

It really doesn't have to be this way.

So, what are your options?

Take Supplements

The world of sport is full of advertisements for supplements that are "guaranteed" to make you faster, healthier etc. These claims are usually over-blown. Realistically, it's all a guessing game. Even with regular blood tests, you're unlikely to discover any real deficiencies.

Abuse Medication

A common coping mechanism for many athletes is to abuse medication. NSAIDs, cold & flu medication, anti-histamines and any number of other drugs are used by athletes "just to cope" with the demands of their sport & the consequences of not prioritising health - not a recipe for long-term performance.

Keep Treading Water

Doing the same thing time after time and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Even changes in training usually result in only insignificant improvements in performance and health. It's a never-ending cycle of train - get ill/injured - time off & repeat.

Now imagine a different scenario...

You get better results by training consistently

You almost never get sick, injured or burned out

You don't need supplements and medication 

But it gets even better...

By building better health habits, even when you do take time off, you will return to training in significantly better shape than most people do after taking that break.

I've known athletes following this system to return from significant time off and, after a very short period of training, hit personal records that they would previously never have done without a whole season of training.

Rather than feeling like you always have to either be on your training programme or losing huge amounts of fitness, you can take that training break and simply rely on your health habits to maintain most of your fitness. 

This is great because you actually get to enjoy breaks from training, knowing that you won't return to sports-specific workouts in a completely detrained state.

Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Sustainably

Are you one of the many athletes struggle with their weight and body composition, despite doing huge amounts of training?

Have you tried calorie-counting and weighing every bit of food that you consume? Have you done the maths to create that "magic" deficit, only to find that it left you ravenously hungry and relying on willpower that you seem not to have?

No matter how many hours of training you do, you just never seem to be able to shift that spare tyre? Perhaps you've simply accepted that the "middle-aged spread" is simply normal, natural and unavoidable?

The good news is that this doesn't have to be you!

In The Healthy Athlete Course you will discover a simple, intuitive method for getting control of what you're eating. Beyond a little bit of familiarisation, there needs to be no weighing and measuring and no calorie counting. You'll simply find out what foods should be best for you and you eat enough that you're not hungry. 

Yes, it really is that simple. And it will work for you, just as it works for thousands of others.

Introducing The Healthy Athlete Course

Taught by Will Newton, based on over 20 years coaching experience

The Course for Athletes Who Want to Perform Better and Keep Doing So For Longer 

Current Price >>> $199


I want you to be delighted with The Healthy Athlete Course. You get 7 days to look over The Healthy Athlete Course. If you're not thrilled with the course and it's content, just send me an email within 7 days of purchase and I'll give you your money back. That's my no quibble guarantee.

What is The Healthy Athlete Course?

  • 40+ Video Lessons
  • Easy-to-Complete Worksheets
  • Suggested Further Reading
  • Lifetime Access & Updates

The Healthy Athlete Course is an online video course, designed to help you develop habits that will allow you to have better and longer lasting athletic performance by protecting you from injury and illness.

The course uses a combination of video, text and worksheets to help you to make real changes to your health.

You get to discover secrets of health that most coaches wouldn't consider.

The Healthy Athlete Course is designed to support amateur athletes, people who love their sport for its own sake. Lessons are designed to be short but actionable. If you do the simple exercises, you'll make huge strides in improving your health and your sports performance.

Will was very informative, enthusiastic and motivational throughout and inspired me to continue to completion, through encouragement, clear communication and belief in my abilities. 

Zoe Lingham, Gloucester, UK

Will taught me how to approach my training holistically. Life is a training load; work, social, family life and training; they all have to work together. I learned a lot about getting the balance right.

Richard Rothwell, World Masters 24h MTB Champion 

What you'll discover in The Healthy Athlete Course

  • Why habits are the key to optimal health and high-level performance - at any age!
  • The 4 key things habits have to have to be to become subconscious and how to control these yourself.
  • How to use one established habit to set off a string of others.
  • One simple, proven process you can use to figure out what you should spend your time on. 
  •  The power of sleep to heal both body and brain.
  • What happens when you don't sleep (and the scary stats about just how sleep deprived most of us are).
  • The one simple thing you should do every day that will help to stave off injury.
  • How to easily lower your stress levels.
  • How to build a simple nutrition plan that will improve your body composition without calorie-counting.
  • The best form of cardiovascular training to do when you're not training for an event.
  • How to build a strength programme that will injury-proof your body.
  • And loads more...

The Course for Athletes Who Want to Perform Better and Keep Doing So For Longer 

Current Price >>> $199

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