Be in Better Shape at 70 than the Average Person is at 20

You don't need to follow another fitness influencer page. What you need is a coach who incorporates health and fitness into your lifestyle. Someone who focuses on making you feel good about yourself, and doesn't just talk about looking good whilst encouraging you to do circus tricks.

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Bee Gregorie

Will encouraged and helped me prepare for my first endurance events. I completed Ironman in 2006 and 2007, with his patience, encouragement and guidance I went from wobbly novice to competent athlete, with fitness and a good dollop of self-belief. Both totally new experiences!
Will was sympathetic and understanding about my life and other commitments, and knew exactly when to push me to try harder, and when to back off! He made me accountable, and I learned to balance training with the rest of my life.

Mark Kendall Moore

Last night in the locker room at the pool my son, who is as self-absorbed as most 18y/o young men, looks up and exclaims, “Dad, your Man Boobs are gone!” Obviously, embarrassing a former college athlete and Marine ever let himself slide so far as to have them, but pretty shocking he noticed and was so pumped about it.  I’m a little pumped too.  Thanks!

Hiring me as your coach could be the best health and performance decision you ever make

Nutrition Advice that Actually Works FOREVER

Your Long-Term Health at the Core of Everything

Training Customised to YOU and Your Goals

Flexible Approach for Changing Circumstances

Unlimited Telephone and Chat Support

No More Guesswork and Endless Internet Research

Want to Find Out More About Coaching?

Not sure if coaching is for you? Have some questions that you'd like answered?

Simply book a free informal chat with me. No high pressure sales tactics. No expectations beyond having me answer your questions.

Personalised Training Plan

Your training plan, written just for you and your goals.

You never have to worry about what you should be doing or how you should be doing it because it's all in the plan. There are even video tutorials where you need them.

What's more, we both get to share feedback on your workouts quickly and effectively using a simple online platform.

Communication When YOU Need It

Many coaching programmes limit you to a certain telephone slot or a certain number of emails. I don't do that.

Using an online chat platform, telephone and video conferencing, you're be able to get answers to your questions and guidance when YOU need it.

What's more, the chat platform archives everything we discuss and keeps any files we share, all in one place, so you'll always have them to hand. No more searching through dozens of emails.

Video Tutorials

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Often, a description over the phone just isn't enough and a visual description would be so much more powerful.

No problem. You have your very own bespoke video page, where you can find tutorial videos containing exercise technique and anything else where you'd benefit from seeing an explanation rather than simply hearing it. All filmed specifically in answer to your questions.

Detailed Session Plans

Whether it's swimming, indoor cycling, track running or weight training, you get session plans with all the detail you need to get the best possible results, all laid out in a clear concise manner.

No more guessing whether you're "doing it right"; just follow the session plan.

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Learn and Master New Physical Skills

Whether your goals include endurance sports, strength sports or more gymnastic movements, these all demand high levels of skill. Programming that includes intelligent progressions will get you there effectively whilst avoiding the injury risks that derail progress.

Develop Optimum Nutrition for Health

"You cannot out-train a poor diet." Yet, so many people operate on the basis that training is a free pass to eat badly. If you want to have both athletic and health longevity, it's vital that you develop a nutrition plan that covers the nutrients you need; a nutrition plan you'll actually be able to stick to because not being constantly hungry means you don't need massive amounts of willpower .

Improve Your Strength & Conditioning

Maybe you're looking for a strength and conditioning programme to improve your sports performance, maybe you want to become enormously strong or simply strong for life in general. Whatever your goals, good programming will always outperform random workouts.

Achieve a Personal Best in Your Sport or Event

If you're after improvements in your sporting performance, a training programme that takes into account your individual differences and the demands of the events you're planning to compete in is the best way to smash those personal records. The best athletes in the world don't leave their best performances to chance, neither should you.

Richard Rothwell

Will is a very patient guy who always had time for me (and continues to have, beyond the coaching relationship). No questions were ever considered irrelevant and this is important to someone new to a 'formal' training program. We also discussed training holistically; for people with busy lives this is very important! Life is a 'training load'; work, social and family life, training; they all have to work together. Will was very sympathetic to that and I learned a lot about getting the balance right. 

Rob Lee

Will is much more than an average coach. Despite the distance he took a great interest in me as an individual and that was key to finding my best performances. His plans were very easy to follow and the support, which was always available, was excellent. Will continues to take an interest in my performances almost a decade after he coached me. I think that speaks volumes about his interest in people and helping them to realise their goals. I feel that his interest in his clients, their performances and indeed their lives is genuine and sincere. 

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