Healthy Nutrition for Age-Group Athletes

food strategies & tools to help you achieve a lean, athletic physique 

Physiques are not made in training, they're made in the kitchen and dining room. A lean, muscular, performance-orientated body is the result of every choice you make when it comes to food. In a world that values instant, easy solutions to food, you can be one of the physique-elite, simply by making better decisions and eating a human-appropriate diet.

Appropriate Human Diet

Much of what we hear about healthy nutrition is simply wrong. The diet that humans are eating today is not the food that we're designed to eat. The result is weight gain, muscle loss and a host of diseases.

Focus on Nutrients

A focus on nutrients rather than calories yields far better results, in body composition, satiety and health. 

Simple Cooking Skills

Learning some simple cooking skills and using these makes food preparation quick, easy and makes sure you get the nutrition you want.


Supplements are intended to add things to your diet that are missing. If you're eating a nutrient-rich human-appropriate diet, you should very rarely need supplements.

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Healthy Nutrition 

Healthy nutrition is a very complicated subject. At least, it is if you believe everything that dieticians and nutritionists would have you believe.

Really, it's not difficult at all. What makes it difficult is an attempt to make our modern, 21st century western diet fit into some sort of healthy template.

Once you come to understand the shenanigans and vested interests that have contributed to the way we eat today, you have the opportunity to simplify your nutrition plan and focus on what really gets results.