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Nose Breathing

Why You Should Practise Nose-Breathing During Exercise

To state the obvious, breathing is something we all do, all day long, every day. It's not something you have to think about, your body just does it to survive. The problem is, many of us are breathing incorrectly, especially during exercise.

You're designed to breathe in & out through your nose, even during most intensities of exercise.

Why should you practise nose breathing during exercise? Here are a few reasons...

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Chris Froome

Why Shouldn’t You Copy a Professional Athlete’s Training Plan?

I’m often asked why I seem to take such a contrary view on so many things that are simply accepted as fact in the coaching realm. Partly, this has to do with my questioning mind, but partly also, because I approach coaching from the perspective of someone who works with (and wants to work with) the age-group athlete, a category that accurately describes me too. 

The problem as I perceive it is that most of the coaching world is operating solely using information supplied either by certifying bodies like for example, national governing bodies for particular sports, or by copying the work of coaches who work with elite sportspeople. 

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Broken Arm

You’re Ill Or Injured. What Now?

From the last two posts, you’ll know that I don’t believe that illness or injury are inevitable consequences of being an endurance athlete. Unfortunately even looking after your health obsessively doesn’t mean that you’ll never get injured, nor does it mean you’ll never catch a bug of some sort. After all, if you have a family and consequently spend your time with little people as I do, your immune system is going to have to deal with a lot of assaults. While you can overcome most of them most of the time, in times of high stress your immune system will be slightly compromised and you might come down that nasty cough your son brought home from school.

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You Can’t Afford To Get Injured. Why Not?

We’re endurance athletes, getting injured is just a normal part of the process, right? WRONG!!

I’ll admit it, if there’s a mistake to make in training and racing I’ve almost certainly made it. Foremost among those mistakes, I used to embrace the “injury is simply an occupational hazard” mindset. As a result, I have had my fair share of acute injuries (little things that last a few days) and more than my share of chronic (long-term injuries), some of which still dog me.

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Cyclists Drafting

Four Tips For Triathletes Moving To Draft Legal Racing

The bike leg in a triathlon has always been a time-trial, but no longer. British Triathlon made the bike legs for its qualification races for the 2016 age-group sprint world championships draft-legal, kind of like a bunch road race. It's reasonable to assume that more races will move in that direction.

There are definitely some similarities between a draft-legal triathlon bike leg and a bunch road race, but there are also some significant differences. If you’re a triathlete who is soon to compete in draft-legal races, here are a few things you should be doing in your training.

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Blood Pressure Measuring

Can You Be Healthy At The Same Time As Being Super Fit?

One often hears this bandied about: You can’t be really fit and be healthy at the same time, they’re different things.

Part of this statement is correct and another part is only partially true. They absolutely are different things and attaining a high level of fitness for a specific sport can be detrimental to your overall health. However, they are definitely not mutually exclusive, they simply require a separate focus on each. Let me explain.

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Sitting and Smoking

To Stand Or Not To Stand?

Here are two quotes I hear quite a lot lately...

"Sitting is the new smoking."

"A cyclist should never walk if they can ride, never stand if they can sit and never sit if they can lie down."

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DNA Double Helix

Are Your Genetic Limits Real At All?

For a number of years, I worked with another coach who regularly expressed frustration that athletes he was coaching weren't willing to accept that they had simply reached their genetic limits and weren't going to get any better.

"I wish I had a tool that would show people what their maximum possible performance will be based on their VO2 Max. Then they'll stop complaining to me that they're not getting the results they want and stop questioning whether the training I'm prescribing is the best for them!" was his regular refrain.

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Six Simple Tweaks That Will Make You Into a Faster Athlete

I’m constantly looking for ways my athletes can go faster without resorting to some of the dodgy supplementation practices endorsed by many “ergogenic experts.” What follows is a list of just a few of those that I have found to work over the years. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, after all, I’d like you to read the whole post without getting bored.

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