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Does Planning Your Training Have To Be a Complex Process?

A couple of weekends ago I was tutoring on a coaching course (again). The very last module of the day was an introduction to “components of fitness”. Once more I saw just how complex this appears to be, driven no doubt by those who want you to believe that planning training is indeed very complex for whatever reason they need you to believe this.

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The Negative Effects of Long Distance Endurance Exercise

I don’t spend all my time in the endurance community. It’s one of things that I believe makes me a better endurance coach. It’s not uncommon for me to converse with strength athletes, powerlifters, rugby players and bodybuilders to name but a few. I follow the ideas of coaches in these and many other sports, some through their writings and some I know personally.

In the strength community it’s not uncommon to hear that cardio or long endurance exercise is bad for you. It does nothing to enhance your physique, causes muscle breakdown etc.

As a coach who is always looking for ways to improve the performance of my athletes, I’ve long looked for both the negative effects of long distance endurance performance and ways to counteract these negative effects. Most people reading this probably love doing endurance sport, have reaped enormous physical, social and emotional benefits from their efforts and can’t imagine that there could be much negative about their pursuit. Bad news though, lots of long distance training isn’t really that good for you.

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How I Train and Coach Differently Now (From a Conversation with a New Coach)

I was teaching on a coaching course the other day and as usually happens, one of the learners wanted to talk about more than simply cycling technique. Over lunch we got to talking about the 25 years that I’ve been doing endurance sports and how I do things differently knowing what I now know.

The crux of the conversation was around interval training and I think I left him a little puzzled when I said (a) that I would do less volume, (b) that I would do more intervals & (c) that I would never push those intervals to a point where I couldn’t make the power output target.

“What?” he said, “You wouldn’t even really push on the last one to get it all out?"

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The Power of Systems

A few months ago I discovered something that simply changed both my life and those of many of my athletes.

What you need to know about me for this post to make sense is that I am a recovering serial procrastinator. If it isn’t perfect, I don’t want to do it or foist it upon an unsuspecting world. The problem with this however, is that nothing is ever perfect & therefore nothing gets done.

This is especially true for things that as athletes we know we should do, like daily basic mobility exercises, drinking enough water etc.

Over the years I’ve tried SMART goals, SMARTER goals, willpower, massive action at times when I was enthusiastic, one thing at a time...

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Aggregation of Marginal Gains for the Rest of Us

In simple language: “Small things add up to to make a big difference."

Way back in the early “Noughties”, Dave Brailsford at British Cycling coined what has now become a famous phrase to describe the GB Cycling teams approach to finding the milliseconds that win medals. His phrase was“the aggregation of marginal gains.”

This idea has been picked up by coaches of amateur athletes all over the place and “applied" to their coaching programmes. There are magazine adverts everywhere that tout the benefits of the latest, greatest product. It’s great that they’ve done this, but I reckon they’ve missed the point.

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Redefining Evidence-Based Training

If you were to have a quick scan around the endurance coaching world, you’d run into a lot of coaching programmes that claim to be “evidence-based”, “based on the science” etc.

Whenever I see this, I think back to a conversation I had on poolside with a doctor friend of mine. I told him that something had been shown to work in a study, to which he responded, “A study with how many participants?"

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5 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

We were watching a tv programme the other night in which one of the characters, having been sleep deprived forever it seemed, simply fell asleep instantly. My wife nudged me & said, “That’s you. Your head hits the pillow & you’re fast asleep!"

This got me thinking about why this is, and why it is that I wake up at 5 every morning, wide awake & ready to go.

Here are 5 things I do that I believe create this situation. They’re nothing ground-breaking. In fact most of us know this already, but just in case you need reminding...

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Do diets work or not?

Diets work.

Yes, I did just say that.

 Then again, to quote legendary strength coach Dan John: “Everything works for about 6 weeks."

 This post is the result of a conversation I had in my office with another resident of the building. We got to talking about a popular slimming business and my reservations with their methodology. Then she said, “But people lose weight on their plan.” And she’s right, they do… as long as they keep counting their sins etc.

 My argument is that the keys to losing weight & keeping it off is in a change of mindset.

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Calf Injury Rehabilitation

If your sport involves running, no doubt you've had some sort of calf strain or at the very least, you've had tight calf muscles. What's more, despite spending a little bit of time trying to push over a wall somewhere near the end of your run, those pesky calf muscles never seem to get any less tight (and the wall is still standing).

So is there a piece of the puzzle you're missing? I think so.

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