Introducing the Kettlebell Swing

By Will Newton

Not only is the kettlebell swing a superb tool for both grooving a powerful hip-hinge movement - one of the fundamental human movement patterns on which we rely for daily function - and a remarkable tool for achieving a measure of cardiovascular conditioning and strength endurance, a well-performed, controlled swing is also the basis for other kettlebell movements.

As such, being able to perform a crisp, powerful, accurate kettlebell swing sets you up to make the most of the simple "gym in your hand": the kettlebell.

In brief, the reasons for including kettlebell swings in your training include...

  • Grooving the natural hip-hinge movement pattern with low load and high volume
  • Improve your posture by improving posterior kinetic chain function
  • Promotes the ability to quickly move between maximum body tension and relaxation
  • Simple way to fit a level of cardiovascular conditioning into a time-crunched schedule

As discussed in the lesson video, here is the course outline.

No more messing about, let's move on and have a look at the kettlebell swing in action.

Ready for the next lesson?

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