Scapular Mobility Exercises

Scapular mobility is extremely important if you want to maintain a healthy set of shoulders. These simple band-resisted exercises will help.


When I first started weight training, nobody told me about training anything other than the big movement muscles, the prime movers. Big mistake!

Throw in an enormous volume of swimming - initially at least, with poor technique - and my shoulders were a mess.

I've written about my shoulder rehabilitation journey here.

What's more, I know I'm not alone in having unhappy shoulders. I come across a lot people who tell me that they too have shoulder problems that prevent them doing all the things they should be able to do.

You should be able to do pull ups, press ups, lift things overhead and perform all manner of daily tasks without pain or restriction.

Whilst these scapular mobility exercises are by no means the final word on shoulder health, they'll go a long way towards keeping you pain-free.

What's more, it's very easy to keep a light elastic band handy in a desk drawer at work, meaning you can perform these periodically throughout your day. What's more, that same elastic band can be used for a range of other "mobility snacks" without your co-workers looking at you too askance.

In the video:

  • Straight Arm Pulldown
  • Band Pull Aparts
  • "Whip It"
  • Dislocations

If you look after scapular mobility, thoracic mobility, thoracic rotation and good joint position, your shoulders can not only be pain-free, but can remain that way, allowing you to do more "stuff". That, after all, is the point of living.

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