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Simple Seed Cracker Recipe


I started making this simple seed cracker recipe long before I decided to live a low carb lifestyle. I was eating a paleo-style diet at the time and these filled my need for bread, crackers etc.

A lot of people struggle when they first cut sugar, refined grains and seed oils from their diets because almost everything you buy pre-made contains these items. Even worse, almost every recipe contains these items and their presence seems necessary for the bake to work.

The problem you face any time you want to bake anything without wheat flour or eggs is how to get everything to hold together. Psyllium husk does this job wonderfully well in this situation, allowing you to form the shape of the crackers before dehydrating them.

These make an excellent replacement for crackers to eat with cheese and, if you're looking to add fibre to your diet (no, I don't believe you need to do so), the psyllium husk add fibre. With this in mind, if you're avoiding fibre, these may not be the crackers for you.

Of course, you can choose what seeds you wish to include, for example if you're looking for low oxalate. I eat very few of these and I'm lazy, so I simply buy a packet of mixed seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame seeds and flaxseeds).

Simple Seed Cracker Recipe


400g Mixed Seeds

2 Tbsp Psyllium Husk

1 tsp Salt

200ml Water


Preheat the oven to 160ºC/320ºF

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.

Leave to stand for five minutes until the mixture forms a gel.

Spread on baking sheets, making sure there are no gaps.

Place in the oven and bake until everything holds together.

Peel from the baking sheet and cut into portions.

Place the portions back in the oven until they dry out and become crisp.

Allow to cool.

Store in an airtight box and serve with butter, cheese or your spread of choice.

Will Newton

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