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Naked Turkish Get Up Challenge

The Turkish Get Up Challenge is a simple 28-day route to grooving solid exercise technique in this amazing lift.

The "naked" in the title refers to to the fact that the exercise isn't externally loaded. Although, what you choose to do in the privacy of your own home is 100% your business!😅

I realised the other day that my Turkish Get Up technique is no longer as solid as it once was because I have neglected doing the exercise for a few months. The Turkish Get Up Challenge is my route to fixing my technique and I'd love for you to join me.

If you haven't got my guide to the Turkish Get Up, get it here.

The goal of this challenge isn't strength, it's exercise technique.

The only load you're going to use is your body weight. Instead of a kettlebell, you'll use whatever light item you can find to give you proprioceptive feedback that you are doing the Turkish Get Up in a balanced, controlled manner (In the video, I use a yoga block, but you could use a sandal, training shoe or anything that will balance on the knuckles of a closed fist).

By the end of the Turkish Get Up Challenge, you'll have accumulated over 400 reps per side. And, yes, it will require a bit of a time commitment that increases every day over the 28 days. But you don't have to perform all your reps in one go, just fit them into your day whenever you can. What I love about this accumulation approach is its sheer simplicity.

Far from my most rock-solid form and some definite weak areas. (Also, sun was a bit too bright for the camera today.)

How to do it...

Balance an item on the knuckles of your closed fist to provide proprioceptive feedback throughout the exercise. If you drop it, you should practise the phase of the Turkish Get Up where you lacked the control to keep the item balanced.

On day 1, perform one Turkish Get Up on your left hand side and one on your right. Note where you lack control or are weak and do a few reps just in that phase.

On day 2, perform 2 reps per side (alternate left and right).

Add a rep per side every day until you reach day 28, on which you do 28 reps per side.

On day 29, perform one rep per side with a half-full cup of water balanced on your fist. As an extra incentive, video yourself doing it and post it to social media no matter if you get wet or not (I'd love to see your video, so please link it in the comments below; I'll be posting mine too).

Will Newton

In over twenty years of coaching, Will has coached everyone from absolute beginners to world champions. His interest in getting the best results for athletes who compete for the love of the sport, rather than as professionals, drives him to find the most effective ways to get results.

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