Chicken Fajita Recipe

This Chicken Fajita recipe sprang from my pre-LCHF days, includes no grains or seed oils and uses my homemade fajita spice mix.


"Friday Night Fajitas" were a thing in our home almost from the time we moved in together. Originally, they used a simple packet mix of seasoning and the traditional white flour tortilla wraps, but with my move to a low carb, wholefood approach, that had to change.

Simple to cook, with minimal ingredients, it's still a family favourite.

Because I no longer eat grain products, in this chicken fajita recipe, the wraps have been replaced with Romaine lettuce leaves. It's possible to do the same with iceberg lettuce, but I find the Romaine leaves easier to work with and prefer the flavour - if I'm going to eat plants, they might as well be ones that I like the taste of!

One could just as easily do away with the leaves and eat this in a similar way to any other curry or chilli - in a bowl - but there's something about eating with your fingers and loading the fajitas that we quite enjoy.

Most packet spice mixes contain preservatives etc, so I prefer to make my own from herbs and spices that I buy separately. This particular mix contains a little sugar, but when you calculate how much this is, it's so negligible as to be harmless to all but the most severely metabolically damaged person (and you could probably leave it out altogether with little negative effect on flavour - I might try next time I make a batch of the mix).

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Chicken Fajita Recipe


For the meat...

3 Chicken breasts - cubed

1 Red pepper - sliced

1 Yellow pepper - sliced

2 Tbsp Homemade fajita spice mix

1 tbsp Coconut oil or butter

For the wraps (to serve)...

2 large Romaine lettuce

Grated cheese

Sour cream (the only item that I buy pre-made)

Homemade guacamole


In a large saucepan/wok, melt the coconut oil/butter and add the chicken.

Cook until the chicken is sealed (all surfaces turned white), stirring all the time to get an even colour.

(Optional) At this point, I drain off any extra liquid in the pan, but it's not crucial.

Add the spice mix and the peppers and cook until the chicken is cooked through and the peppers have softened.

Serve with grated cheese, sour cream and guacamole (We put each in a bowl in the middle of the table and everybody makes up their own fajitas with their preferred mix of ingredients).

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